School Projects

One of our big projects for school was moving the school room downstairs. Previously, we had been using the downstairs living area as a master bedroom. It was the only way we could sleep near the kids. But we decided with a baby monitor and kids that usually sleep through the night it didn’t matter that much. The upstairs attic room makes an awesome master bedroom, and the downstairs living area makes an awesome school room. It was a good move. (Minus the occasional two-flight of stairs in the middle of the night to adjust Mr. C’s blankets and tell him to go back to sleep.)

Now we can paint on already paint-stained tile:


I’ve been picking red a lot to paint with it, and I have no idea why. It reminds me far too much of blood and has the greatest tendency to stain. I do like only giving the kids one color to paint with, it is just a little more simple.

The kids also made a cool hat with piper cleaners and a colander.



Now Mr. C is going to time travel past his whiny, crying far too often stage. (Or I can hope. He is a sweet kid, just recently he is discovering he wants things he can’t get and he doesn’t like it.) Speaking of wanting things, nothing gets the kids into the kitchen like announcing that I am making cookies. They love, adore, and nearly worship cookies. Here is Mr. C covered in cookie dough.


One final picture of a contact paper collage. The collage was worked and re-worked for a couple of weeks. PB is now old enough to cut out his own shapes too.



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