I don’t know if we will be able to convince PB to go snowshoeing again. We decided to go on a quick hike Saturday. I had noticed a small side canyon barely up Perry Canyon that looked perfect for a bit of snowshoeing. So we went. We tend to go up very steep hills while snowshoeing. Inaccessible hills in the summer are changed by the snow, and small deer tracks are the perfect snowshoeing trails. PB wasn’t so sure going up the side of a mountain was fun…it was more terrifying. But he hung on to me and made it up and back down the steep slope, even if a few tears were shed. I was enjoying myself immensely, it was beautiful day.


On the way back was the worst part. He fell in a puddle soaking his boots and feet, and most of his pants. Luckily we were almost back to the car.


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