Computers Stink but the Weather Doesn’t

It’s spring now…and it’s been hot. The AC went on, even when thoughts of a power bill kept me from turning the temperature below 80. It’s a little cooler today…it feels like perfect weather. The trees are getting their leaves which makes me happy inside. The kids and I have been enjoying the nice weather with visits to parks, trails, leaving windows open…today I even bought a few plants and seeds. I would love to spend more time outside but it’s a billion times harder to get out with a baby and tantrums over shoes.

Joe’s computer became quite ill at the end of last week. I have spent hours playing nurse on it…but it remains un-functional. I immeiditely start to get in a bad mood when I think about it. Luckily my computer is fine, and we’ve just been sharing. It’s not the greatest replacement though. Before, Joe would hole up in our bedroom to do his homework, but now he’s out in the main room. A certain little someone likes to see what’s going on…so Peter is learning the names of all the bones on the x-rays Joe is studying, and his homework takes a little longer to get done. We ordered a Kindle Fire as a cheap replacement and plan on sharing both the computer and it. We’ll see how it works.

Peter and Curtis vary between being completely adorable or dropping bricks on my foot and crying. I use a lot of prayers to maintain patience and love. Kids are a lot of lovable fun, but a ton of work too!


One thought on “Computers Stink but the Weather Doesn’t

  1. cwalk64 says:

    I can’t wait to see you. Baby is so cute and I think spring break in Georgia is going to be very pretty. Also love the picture of you and Curtis.


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