Blooms and Planning a Garden

Spring is rapidly in gear. Everyday I notice another fresh sign of spring. The leaves are starting to come in on the trees, we leave the windows open all day, and I even dressed my toddler son in shorts. Flower blooms are abundant. While I was going through my pictures its amazing to see how a plant can go from dormant to budding to flowering in a matter of days.

We drove over to go hiking today and the drive was more fun than the hiking. The streets are lined with flowering trees and shrubs. There’s flowering plums, crab apples, eastern redbud, forsythia, quince, and an abundance of azaleas. All the pictures I’ve taken are from mostly boring landscapes around my apartment and at a couple parks. But spring is making everything beautiful.

Even with a two week old son, I’m itching to get some plants growing out on the deck. I’m missing having a garden to work in (but at the same time I don’t have a lot of time for one). At least I have some outdoor space to work with in my apartment. I’m planning on some potted herbs, a few cherry-type tomato plants, and some peppers out on the deck, with a few flowers to enjoy.

The only problem I foresee with this is watering…I’ll have lots and lots of watering in my future.