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Christmas came. We visited the husband’s relatives on Christmas Eve, which included a rip-roaring game of hide and go seek outside with my niece and nephew I don’t see that much. I did not win. I think Ella did, who cleverly laid down beneath the old satellite dish. But Jame maintains that he did and it is true that it took a while to find him. It was a fun visit, and then we went down to Liz and Dave’s for dinner. Delicious. And I remember why I don’t like scrabble or about any derivative of it. Maybe if I played more…but I’m just not into word games. Even though I did not win the game, I still enjoyed the visit. And the food was delicious which makes any visit that much better.

On our drive back home, we did the Christmas program I made up which involved lots of singing and reading the different scriptural accounts of Christ’s birth. I tried to focus more on Christ this Christmas, and as I did I grew extremely grateful for everything that He has done. He has given me all the hope and joy that I have in my life. This Christmas I gained a great desire to serve Him and follow Him no matter what.

We stayed at home with just our little family for the first time this Christmas. Santa still came to our house, with stocking and a brand new (okay, not-quite-new e-bay deal) hiking backpack to put Peter in. With the backpack came a desire to go backpacking next summer with Peter. But for now, probably snowshoeing this week as long as its not that cold. Santa even remembered to wrap the living room doorway, just like he did growing up. Peter was the first through. It was fun for me, since that’s been Christmas morning as long as I can remember.

We opened more presents, ate a delicious breakfast that was more a dessert, and went to my parents for lunch and even more presents. Some of my presents included much loved/desired yoga blocks from Joe that I never even really asked for, pruning equipment (if you have fruit trees/shrubs, I’ve got all the equipment minus a ladder), new sheets (that were needed and firmly asked for: our old ones just developed holes) and cups from my mom, and cute aprons and recipe box from my sister-in-law. Joe got a computer bag from me. And little Peter now has even more toys: a basketball that goes with his new hoop, a tractor that he adores, and electronic barn toy that he also adores because he can make it play music, some board books, small balls, and new pj’s. It was a great Christmas.

Christmas also always seems to involve lots of time playing games with family. We even went and played disk golf, and I was keeping up with my brothers. They eventually beat me but I was a good solid fourth, only a point behind. Joe was much better than everyone. He also plays the most and has the best muscles (at least look wise. My brothers are college ball players so I hope they are in better shape then him.)


2 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. beckikanigan says:

    Peter is getting so big! I loved the idea of wrapping the door frame! My boys would think that was so cool, it wouldn’t stay up long! 🙂 I’m glad you guys had a fun little Christmas, it’s so much fun with little kids!


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