Christmas is Coming

Yesterday was a big day. We went to go buy shoes for Peter because he currently has one pair and they were wet. So at the store, he got his feet measured and we were looking at size eight shoes and I suddenly realized I had about four pairs of hand me down size eight shoes. Glad the trip to the store resulted in more shoes for absolutely nothing.

We went to the library and than the  Springville Art Museum and saw their current display of religious art. It was a great display. Then it was a trip up to Salt Lake, to see the lights at temple square. And more museums. Too many museums for one day. But…it was all pretty awesome as well. Peter enjoyed the lights and did pretty well at the museums. His favorite part were the bunks at the church history museum he could climb into. He would have probably stayed there for a good hour.

Today was much lazier. We went to the store. That’s about it. But it is Christmas Eve tomorrow! Tonight, after Peter took his nap from 6-7 (that boy’s nap schedule is all sorts of weird) we were sitting on the couch. I was eating crackers and dipping them in a batch of hummus. So Peter handed me the package of crackers. I gave two to him, one for each hand, and then he dipped them in the container with the hummus (even though he didn’t get any dip) and than ate the cracker. He is adorable.


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