So I got Joe a hammock for his birthday. I love to camp in hammocks–that was last summer’s fun thing to do on the weekend, so I decided to get Joe one so he could go with me.

We went up to Cherry Creek by Richmond, which I thought was a new trail. When we got there, I realized that we had been there last spring. Oh well. It was still a pretty good trail. Hiked up a while and passed 3 hunters coming down. I HATE HUNTING. I always feel like I can’t do anything in the fall up in the mountains without having to A)Hear gunshots and B)Worrying about getting shot. But I went anyway, mostly because I know B probably won’t happen if I not stupid.

We didn’t get up there until about 7:30, so in the short amount of time we had, we hiked a short distance, and hung the hammocks. I was worried about getting cold, and Joe was worried about mosquitoes, and instead we got rain. Now, I do not have a rain fly for my hammock. I was lucky to have brought along a blanket that turned out to be pretty water resistant. Joe’s hammock is nicer than mine, and is water-proof. He wrapped it around himself and was good. The hammock also turns into a lean-to/rain-fly/other useful camping things, which is why I immediately thought it was the coolest thing ever and bought it for Joe for his birthday.

So sleep after 3:00 in the morning (when the rain started) was not that great. I did get to watch the sun rise, I can’t see any colors, and the next I can see all the green/red (the fall colors have started!) of all the trees.

Fun trip–however not the best for sleeping.


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