Liz is Busy

 I am the busiest I have even been. I would never suggest to anyone to take 18 credit hours, work two jobs, and have family, friends, house and church too. Luckily it is all fitting in–but I don’t feel like I’m doing as well as I can at anything. For instance, I was at a Master Gardener meeting at work yesterday and the master gardeners were talking about how they really don’t have a lot of volunteer opportunities. I am sitting there thinking of things that have come up that they might have been able to do (and remembering one, past it off on someone), but most I had let slip by because I simply didn’t have time to check up on them. I keep thinking of how I really need to go over the numbers for my strawberry project, but it just hasn’t happened yet. And I studied a grand total of one hour for my genetics test, but somehow still managed to get an A on it.

I am just glad that I have the talent to go to school, not study a lot, and still learn tons and get good grades. I’m glad I also have bosses who aren’t barking at me to get things done, and let me do it on my own time. I’m also grateful for a husband who cooks breakfast, and helps clean, (and who is generally just wonderful). But with all I”m doing, I don’t think I would quit a thing. I doubt I will have these opportunities again, and I love working at everything. I am learning a lot, and still having lots of good times.


2 thoughts on “Liz is Busy

  1. cwalk64 says:

    You are amazing. It is interesting that we seem to be able to do what is requried of us and get through. I know it is a blessing we get when we do what is right.


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