For a while now, I feel like one of my biggest challenges is feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. I’ve pondered why I’ve been led to this, and while studying the life of Christ, I wrote these words:

You must have confidence in yourself and lose your self-doubt and feeling of inadequacies. 

You can have confidence and self-worth because you are a daughter of God. God is in your life and He will not fail you! Have confidence in God, that as you strive to obey His commandments, He will be with you. 

Jesus Christ must not have had any self-doubt. If he did, would he be able to serve those around Him to such a degree as He did? He had full confidence in God the Father: He had learned of Him, talked with Him and developed a transcendent relationship. He knew God the Father had a plan, and that He would provide the way for Christ to fulfill the plan. His confidence was not in himself, but of the Divine Father. For Christ could fail, but more importantly, the plan provided a way for Him to succeed. He knew this. He knew if He put all trust in the Father, it would work out. 

Jesus had full confidence. And so He was not worried as the hour of His suffering was soon to come. He was able to fully love and serve those around Him because He knew God was in charge, and there was no reason to doubt. Even in sorrow, pain, God would provide a way to succeed. He provided the power Christ needed to overcome. 

God has and will provide a way for you to succeed! Your power comes through Him, and He is a perfect God who will not fail you. Trust in His promises, His scriptures, obey His commandments, and the way will be open for you. As you lose your self-doubt, you can also lose yourself in the service of others and perform the work you need to do. 


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