When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Sometimes I fell tired and discouraged. I have a lot to do caring for two boys, including home school; growing a new baby, and caring for the house and yard. Plus there are many projects that I want to get done. I’m just glad I still get a nap everyday.

I started on an impromptu Family Home Evening lesson. I read a story about having a good attitude during hard times. Then we went and did an object lesson. I gave the kids some lemon water and asked if they liked it. They didn’t. Then we added some sugar until they did. One glass missed the lemon and just had sugar. Plain lemon water and sugar water isn’t that great. The best drink was when they were combined.

In my object lesson, lemon was life experiences. Sugar was Christ or the gospel. I started thinking about how overwhelmed I’d been feeling. I had a lot of lemon. My life experiences aren’t necessarily good or bad, they just happen. Lemon can be good when you expect and want it, or if it is unexpected it is extremely sour and not desirable.

Having too much lemon isn’t a bad thing: as long as I have enough sugar to go with it. My sugar is enough time to reflect, relax, study the gospel, grounding in priorities, good attitudes, love for who I interact with and what I do, and a strong foundation in Christ.

When I have lots of lemons and lots of sugar, life is good and happy. I need both.


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