Garden Update: Growing



Update on the transplants: They are doing quite good, especially the tomatoes. They were ready to transplant several weeks ago, and they keep getting bigger. It has been a struggle to keep the light high enough. We (meaning my husband did it when I asked) had to re-build the shelf. I think it is too early to put them out yet as I don’t have any means of protecting all 32 of them. I also don’t want to transplants them over to bigger pots. I don’t have room. So they are growing and will probably be a bit root bound when I transplant them. Plants can grow too well. I did transplant out my cool season crops. I ended up freezing some lettuce, but the rest are doing all right.



Everything is growing in the garden. Nothing has really taken off yet (except the indoor tomatoes and they weren’t supposed too). I think it has been a bit too cold, but hopefully it will warm up (I did see some snow this morning though). Nothing is too exciting in these pictures, but I like to keep a record of things. It makes for fun comparisons later on.



coming up

The bulbs out front are gorgeous. Many who come over comment on them. “I was thinking well of course you have pretty flowers, but then don’t you plant bulbs in the fall, and you weren’t here then?” I can take no responsibility for the flowers besides keeping the bed weeded and putting a little mulch down. I’m glad those that lived in my apartment before cared enough to plant them out, even when they are not here to enjoy them.









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