We went out to the bird refuge and drove the loop and dropped in at the visitors center. I enjoyed it and the kids didn’t seem to mind much. When PB got home he said to Dad unprovoked, “We saw a great blue heron on the road.”  I was impressed he remembered the name. Curtis practiced saying “Duck” very close to his word-of-the-week “Stuck.”

heron peterb

Otherwise, we are just having good summer fun. I hung up my hammock, we’ve got out the slip’n ‘slide and pool, and I hacked together a small sandbox that Peter loves. The boys keep me busy and on my toes. Sometimes (especially if they or I are tired), things can get a bit exasperating. C is learning how to climb and get into everything, and they both know how to complain.  But we have such good fun together too. They make mundane tasks like getting an oil change done new and exciting.