Home Tour


Are you ever at someone’s house and just want to take a look around and see how they do things? I hope I’m not the only one. If you want to see my home…


I have a very detailed home tour of my current house up on the other blog. You might find it interesting. It even has a floorplan so you have more context when looking at a picture.



The children went to the Treehouse Museum with Dad, while I stayed home. They were there for hours and had a good time. I was bummed I missed it!



Tis the season for weird pictures of kids with a random stranger.


I think I like this idea better. The other kids were cutting out snowflakes.



Red Rock

While we were in Wyoming for Thanksgiving, we went exploring and found this wonderful place. We played here all afternoon, the kids enjoyed climbing rocks.

red rock.jpgcliffs.jpgkids.jpgliz red rock.jpgrock skipping.jpg


We decided to go out to my twin sister’s house for Thanksgiving. There is a bit of risk in driving through Wyoming during winter. The roads were actually closed when we drove out, but we drove through anyway. And then I clipped a deer on the way home too, so we need to fix our front headlight.

We left at 3:00 am and got there in plenty of time for a wonderful Thanksgiving day.

kid table.jpg

sister house.jpg



Curtis had his winter preschool program. It was awesome to go see him sing and play with his classmates.


We love his teacher, and he has blossomed in preschool!



This picture describes my boys. A shy smile from Curtis, a huge smile from Henry, and Peter reading in the background.

Being Myself

I find being myself very challenging. It’s much easier to compare myself to others and try to be like them. But of course that also generally means I’m discouraged and not really living how I like.

I’m a gardener, but I’m a slow, lazy, gardener and tend to let the weeds grow. I’m a mother and I like my children to be independent and try not to interfere too much. I’m an early riser and had to laugh when someone apologized for the “early hour” at 7:30. I’d already been up for a couple of hours of my own choosing. I’ve always had curly hair, even when stick straight hair was super popular and everyone owned a straightening iron. I go to parks with my kids in the winter, when there isn’t anybody around. I love yoga, but still cannot touch my toes without bending my knees. I like learning, and read non-ficition books and go to classes for fun.

I am myself. And I’m learning if I ever want to truly enjoy life and be successful, I should be Liz and not anyone else.