Updates to the Garden

We finished the inside of the house. After getting done with the remodel, I tidied up everywhere. And now we’ve turned our sights outside to the garden. My goal right now is to get all the hardscape, edges, and mulch or groundcover in. Plants will come next.

We have a lot of projects out there that have been ignored. This path needed a couple of hours to get installed. It has been like that for about two years. Now it is a path, not random stones.


Here’s another project that didn’t take that long. We had grass here when we moved in. It hadn’t been watered for two years. It looked pretty bad. Now it is a beautiful clean slate, I want to fill it up with plants soon.

in progress

The tramp just off this picture was leveled out. I attempted to seed more clover back here this spring, but it failed. The weeds outcompeted it. I’ve done it before successfully, and I will try again next year, this time with a little more work beforehand to get rid of the weeds. And I really want to get rid of that huge pile of sticks!



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