Harvest Advice


Here’s a glory shot of one late afternoon’s work. If you notice, I prefer to freeze things and not can. It seems to be much easier and I’m also not worried as much about food poisoning. Shredded zucchini, salsa, tomatoes, refrigerator pickles, and peach jam. Oh, and if you want to make jam, this product makes it super easy.


When I was in college, I did some research on strawberry varieties. I was pretty well informed when I went to buy some. I have two patches of strawberries. One patch I don’t even check, it doesn’t produce. I’m not sure on the variety, I got them from a friend. This is just one day’s pick from the other patch, and my variety that beats all others is Evie 2. It might be harder to find and more expensive but double or more production is worth it!


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