New House Stuff

treasure chest.jpg

This chest was a thrift store find. The boys call it a treasure chest. Joe called it a mini-tardis (we’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who). I’m loving all the storage inside. It’s been a great place to store the blanket, pillows and stuffed animals that tend to get scattered in the living room.


The middle school replaced their desks and were giving away the old ones for free. I stopped by and found a couple of the oldest desks there. It’s actually been a great place for me to sit and work in the living room.

Now, we also went to the appliance store for some extra cardboard to use in the landscaping. We ended up buying a fridge and microwave. The microwave was on purpose, ours had been having issues. The fridge, not so much. It was my favorite fridge I’ve seen, and instead of being $1300, it was $700. I couldn’t pass up the good deal.



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