Sunday night, there was a bit of wind that knocked something over outside. I went to investigate and as soon as I got outside I could tell something was werid. It wasn’t currently stormy. It was actually rather calm. Not too far away was a large strom cloud. I felt like a tornado was coming. We don’t have tornados where I am.


Less than five minutes later the storm hit. There wasn’t a tornado. But there was a whole lot of rain and quarter sized hail. It’s the worst hail storm I’ve ever seen. The rain came gushing down our horrible driveway and flooded the garage and ran out the back into the garden shed.

The garden was tattered but alive. I’m not in a hurry to replant, the current plants still have good root systems so I’ll wait for them to bounce back. The garden might be a bit late this year, but that’s fine.


One thought on “Hail

  1. Heather Hoyt says:

    Maybe a drain in the driveway? With a sump pump. We were expecting a storm that big but it never happened. We even had a tornado warning for our area, but it didn’t materialize.


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