A Few Photos


Borax Crystals: You really should try this. This was the best crystal experiment we’ve tried. We put about 1/2 cup of borax and 2 cups of boiling water in a jar. The snowflakes were made from yarn and piper cleaners. We dipped them in, and just a few hours later we had crystals. We left them in overnight and had these beautiful ornaments. They have been pretty durable too. I’ve had them hanging about for a couple of weeks. 


Scripture Puppets: This collection is three years worth of cutting out scripture puppets from the back of the Friend magazine. I didn’t miss a single set, and now we have them to play with every Sunday.  

I’m in a bad relationship with my camera. He just isn’t good enough for me anymore. He keeps leaving tacky captions on all the pictures, and can’t focus. We are seriously considering a break-up.

I just miss my old camera. We would still be together, but he decided to break it off. He put scratches all over the most important part of our relationship. It just had to end after that. But he always took the best photos before he broke.

If you happen to know of a camera that would like a new relationship, send him my way! I want something simple, but still capable of a bit of customization and beautiful pictures.


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