We went up to the American West Heritage Center to the corn maze. They had a map. It was more fun. I would rather follow a map than get lost. It is also a huge bonus when you child has a potty emergency and needs to get out ASAP. We picked this corn maze over others because it had more activities as well. Curtis was in heaven on the train ride.


Pumpkin carving was memorable. Just as we were about five minutes in, Joe sliced his thumb and had to go get stitches. I was trying to help Joe out, Henry decided he needed milk right then and was sobbing. The kids were blissfully undisturbed and continued to paint their pumpkins. Luckily, Joe could drive himself so he went, I stayed and finished up the pumpkins and everything was fine. Except for Joe’s thumb, but it is almost better.

We had so much candy for Halloween. Peter’s opportunities for candy were huge. We had trick or treat at the nursing home, he had a school party and a party at the library, then the school carnival, trunk-or-treat at the church and finally regular trick or treating Halloween night. How about we limit candy to just regular old trick-or-treat and hand out stickers everywhere else? Curtis is apparently sensitive to eating too many sweets and ended up sick a couple of days.

I wish I could have convinced Peter to be a minion as well (he even had a yellow shirt and overalls), but it was not to be. He was Robin, using the same superhero costumes that we have use for Halloween for four years. It was a bit small this year, gladly, so he’ll have to do something else next Halloween. He did take his stuffed batman he got from Grandma for his birthday, which made the costume cuter. Curtis and Henry were minions, which is the easiest costume ever. Yellow shirt, overalls, some type of goggles. Well, Henry skipped the goggles part.


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