Loveseat Rocker

I’ve been working on decorating my bedroom. I wanted a chair or loveseat in there, but the room is small and then we put a king bed in there, so I just didn’t have enough room. And then I found this at our local thrift store:

This small loveseat rocker was perfect. Small, but still big enough for two people and it fit in the space I had for it. The first thing I did was throw away the awful cushions that had too many reminders of cats. And the ruffle had to go.

After that was all gone, it had very nice bones. I thought of painting it (everyone paints furniture nowdays), but there was really no reason for it.

The cushions were a bit tricky to replace. The size was weird and didn’t fit anything ready made I could find. I didn’t want to get caught up trying to make them myself. I guess I could have saved the old ones and reupholstered them, but I think if it smells like cats, even a little bit, it should go into the garage. So I just didn’t get cushions that fit as well as before. Instead I found a lounge cushion in the as-is department of Ikea that was about the right size to use on the bottom, and put normal cushions on the top. Here is my rocker now:

It was a fun little find. Total cost (if you care, I always like to know how much stuff costs) was $25 for the rocker and $30 for the cushions. Time wise, a couple shopping trips and a few minutes just cleaning.


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