Within just a couple weeks, Henry started to crawl, wave, clap his hands, and cut three more teeth in. Someone is excited to grow up.

_DSC2667 copy hen

Summer is winding down. We’ve been playing at the pool and with friends. Sometimes I can convince Peter to ride his bike. He has a hard time trying new things, and even though bike riding has been available to him for a long time, he hasn’t done it consistently enough for it to not be a new thing. Piano, however, is a new thing that has stopped being a new thing, and he loves to go through his piano book. I think I might have to sign him up for lessons soon.

Peter does love singing. Lately he will go through a songbook and just sing the songs though. We’ve been getting renditions of Praise to the Man and Go Round and Round the Village. I love it.


Curtis is finally starting to talk a bit more. I think he will always be a bit quiet though. We are working on potty training though with very little success.

curtis1 curtis

joelizfam1 family3 family2 family1 brothers

Pictures taken in June by Becki, Joe’s sister. 


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