There are tomatillos everywhere. I planted two. I have tomatillos where I planted them last year. I have tomatillos next to where I planted them. I have tomatillos in the backyard where I gave the old plants to the chickens. If nothing else, I should get plenty of tomatillos this year.

Most of the back half of the first picture is tomatillos. The chickens planted these ones.

My spring garden is still going strong, and I have some broccoli that I had nearly given up on. Soon, I’m planning on ripping some of it out and planting fall crops. I’ve never been good at fall crops because you have to plant them in July. And by the way, straw bale gardening is too dry. I don’t like it–I have to water the thing every day and it’s not even doing good.
spring garden

My first garlic crop ever. I was a bit late harvesting these. With how much I use garlic, this is a probably over a year’s supply.

The herb spiral looks great. I just need to actually use it more. So what do I put in my soup tonight–fennel, sage or rosemary? I also have yarrow and chamomile here.

This planter looks awful. My kids planted the corn stalk and I just kept it. It isn’t a bad idea, but doesn’t quite work off center.

Agastache that I planted from seed. It isn’t too showy, but still fragrant and I love the mix of colors on the flowers.

A month ago, my neighbor asked if I planted my garden and then asked where. I realized that you couldn’t tell where I had planted anything, because I didn’t plant in bare soil just chopped cover crop. Well, now you can tell. It’s actually less weedy than I think bare soil would have been. I did have to keep chopping back the cover crop for a few weeks, but otherwise it worked great. The plants have been a bit slow, no harvests yet. Should have summer squash in a few days with cherry tomatoes close behind.


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