Stages of Early Childhood

Just wrote this one day, thought I would share.

  • Cuddly newborn: Enjoyable very tiny, snugly baby.
  • Sleepless baby: Just wishing they would sleep a big longer.
  • Settled baby: Seems to have sleep figured out. Isn’t mobile yet. Just kinda a cute lump.
  • Mobile mess: Learned to crawl. Not a good thing.
  • Adorable toddler: Begins to do things that are just so cute.
  • Wild thing: Does not have any boundaries. Constantly getting into everything.
  • Terrific two: Starts to say things like, “I love you,” and wants to help all the time
  • Terrible toddler: Doesn’t ever want to listen. Becomes very frustrated. Lots of tantrums. And they are supposed to get potty trained.
  • Discovery: Starts to listen a bit, and becomes semi independent. Loves to discover and play.
  • Inquisition: Won’t stop asking questions.
  • Growing up: Almost fully independent and begins to understand things and self regulate.

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