At least some of the garden is thriving

I haven’t been paying attention much to the garden. Occasionally I will realize I’ve fallen behind and spend a couple of hours weeding and planting seeds to get caught up. But the garden often just looks like a bunch of projects that I don’t have time for. So today is a celebration of what I have done and what is going well in the garden. No pictures of piles that need to be dealt with, noxious weeds to pull, or projects that I want to do later.

Chickens are just fun. Except when I found one of them dead in the coop. No apparent cause, just very disturbing. At least we never really decided on a name for her.

My little clover patch is still doing great, even without any irrigation. I’m sure once we get the water turn and start irrigating it a bit more it will start to grow even more. Usually it probably would be fine, but this spring has been dry minus one sporadic snow storm.

sheet mulch
The sheet mulch in the front yard is still great. (Not the picture. I lost one of my cameras and the one I used for this photo has a scratched lens.) No weeds. It is probably the closest I could get to no maintenance. It has been the one method I throw at everyone and is my current answer to everyone’s frustrations of garden. Hate the weeds? Sheet mulch. Don’t have time or money? Sheet mulch.

spring crops
This is my current experiment. The peas and lettuce were planted purposely. And then I threw down a lot of seed for all the other spring crops I wanted, just sprinkled it everywhere all together. The plan is to thin it out as it starts to grow and eat what I thin as sprouts.

It’s starting to come up, so I should get at least something here.

The cover crop on the swales/hugel mounds is doing well. In just a few weeds I’ll chop and drop and plant my summer crops here.

front garden
I’ve got a lot of biennials that are starting to flower–kale, onions, and parsley. It’s not usual to let any of these plant keep going until they flower, but they all overwintered for me well. I’ve started planting flowers and herbs to take over when these guys are done.


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