Baby H is an overachiever. He is super close to sitting up unassisted and he rolled over from back to tummy.

My camera is missing. Luckily it only had a few pictures from Easter. I’m hoping it will turn up somewhere. In the meantime, here is a dump of all my Instagram pictures. (My username is walkliz if interested).2015-03-01_1425250389 2015-03-05_1425592677 2015-03-05_1425592945 2015-03-13_1426271372 2015-03-22_1427043516 2015-03-24_1427166849 2015-03-27_1427485641 2015-03-29_1427637152 2015-04-05_1428193698 2015-04-09_1428548658 2015-04-11_1428718820 2015-04-14_1429052159 2015-04-16_1429217581


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