Spice Racks

My sister and I were cooking together in the kitchen and she asked where all my spices were. They were thrown in the pantry, not very organized or convenient.  We started to talk about where to put spices in the kitchen,  I mentioned that I wanted to put them over the stove in spice racks and I actually even had the shelves and had for months.

When we moved here, we inherited a lot of ancient junk. Most of it was just junk, but there were a few fun finds. They included a couple of small shelves that I held onto even though my husband tried to throw them away twice. I had a vision for them. With a coat of paint and a couple of nails, they would be awesome spice racks.


Almost a year later, I finally got them painted and hung up. And then a couple of months after that I actually got jars that fit them. Little things like these spice racks are why it is fun to buy an old house, even if it has tons of junk to go through and a never ending list of projects to work on.


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