2014 in Review

2014 was a fun year. We didn’t move. It’s the first year I haven’t moved for a long time. Looking back through my calendar, we spent lots of time with family and friends. We visited ice caves, fairy gardens, water parks, hiked a waterfall, wind caves and biked around a lake. We took road trips to Wyoming, Nevada and California to visit cousins. We went with my brother to Bear Lake, and with my sister to Yellowstone. The kids did preschool at home with mom we invited other friends to join us. The kids took swim lessons, and PB did t-ball and karate. We visited parks, went swimming, took the raft out on the lake and played disk golf. At home we played cars and enjoyed the sandbox. We raised nine chickens, lots of tomatoes, and started to renovate our landscape. The biggest event was the birth of baby H right before Christmas.

Here’s some of my favorite pictures from the year:

For my goals, I finished a Permaculture Design Course, volunteered with a community garden, read 40 books, started to go to the Temple twice a month, and started a new blog. I grew a baby inside me and had a natural birth. I also started to meditate and use hypnosis more, which really helped me emotionally.

PB learned to read incredibly well for his age. He likes pepperoni sandwiches, find-it books, Wild Kratt’s, hiking and his favorite color is red. His favorite activities are playing cars and in the sand-box.

C loves trains and chocolate peanut butter. His favorite activity by far is playing in the sandbox. He learned how to talk better and sing songs.


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