Birth Story

I went into my 39 week appointment and was 6 cm dilated. I wasn’t in active labor, but because I was so far along my doctor was willing to send me over to the hospital when ever I was ready. I went ahead and planned on going in the next morning. I didn’t want to be induced at all, but also knew that labor could be extremely short once it started, and didn’t want labor to be anymore stressful that it was.
We dropped off the boys at Grandma’s and went over and got checked in. The doctor came in and broke my water: I had progressed a tiny bit from the day before. Then we sat around. I still wasn’t having regular contractions, but they checked me at lunch and I was progressing slowly. Finally at about one, my contractions started to pick up. I hated it. But the relaxation I had been practicing helped, and I was able to work through them. Just at the point when I was about done with it, I felt that I was ready to push and called in the nurse. They got everything ready, and with one more contraction and a whole lot of unpleasantness I had my baby. He was born just before 3:00, six hours after my water broke.
I held him for a long time right after and was even able to get him to latch on. He loves to nurse and suck, and has even managed to find his thumb a few times.

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