Pizza Week

I usually let PB pick our theme for the week for school. Last week, I gave him a bunch of ideas and he picked Pizza. It was a great way for him to work on fractions. We used these worksheets, and make three different types of pretend pizzas, as long as the real thing for dinner one time. We also read Pete’s a Pizza, which might be one of PB’s favorite books. He likes to be made into a pizza as well as the main character in the book.

contact paper
I made this first pizza craft with contact paper and foam. First I cut out a large blog of red and another blog of white for the sauce and cheese. I taped a round piece of contact paper sticky side up on top. All of us cut out ingredients to the pizza out of craft foam. The cool think about craft foam on contact paper is that it comes off and re-sticks, so we made several different pizzas. PB’s favorite ingredient was the yellow pepperoni he made. When C was playing with it, I also had him tell me the colors when he put up the ingredients. He is finally doing pretty good on his colors too.

salt dough
For this craft, on the first day I made salt dough. C just played with the dough and kept putting it in his mouth. PB made a couple of pizza crusts and so did I. We let them dry for a couple of days, and then painted them with red paint for the sauce and sprinkled white glitter on for the cheese.

I had previously made most of these felt shapes for pretend tacos. I added a larger blog of white and red for the sauce, and we had pizzas instead.



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