Wind Caves

My four year old can beat me in a race right now. I’m not in very good shape right now, thanks to the wonderful excuse of a baby in my abdomen. Still, I wanted to go on a hike. We ditched the idea of the six mile hike up the mountain, and decided to go to the easily hiked Wind Cave trail. I think it was about my third time hiking this trail. Well, the not-too hard less than four miles round trip was almost too much for me this time around. While I was huffing up the trail, Joe reminded me that I hiked Logan Peak when I was similarly pregnant with PB. I was too ambitious then.


PB generally does better hiking than walking (trying to get that kid to walk anywhere is like walking up the down escalator). It was a bit too long for him though, we had to do a lot of motivating and listening to complaining.. Even Mr. C who had the benefit of riding on Daddy most of the way had a meltdown right before we got to the windcaves. But we did make it. And I realized on the way that I don’t love hiking because it is easy, but because it pushes my body to do more than it normally does. It is better because it is hard.



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