County Fair

Sometimes I get nervous with how an outing will turn out. Will it actually be fun or boring? Will it involve tears or smiles? When we decided to go to the Fair, I wasn’t sure if it would be that enjoyable. It was the first night the rides were open, and they were only one ticket each, so we decided to get some tickets and let the kids go on a bunch of rides. About 15 minutes into this excurison, after the kids had gone on a ride apiece, a storm blew in. It rained a lot, and they actually closed down the rides.

But I don’t mind rain too much and there was plenty of other things to do. We went and looked at all the animals and other projects. By the time we had done that, the rain had calmed down, and most of the rides re-opened. The kids continued going on rides, and this time there were no lines. We put C on a small roller coaster and he freaked out. I could tell he wanted to get off but he was stuck going on it again and again. He was fine when he got off, but now all roller coasters are, “Scary.”

The evening to the fair turned out to be very enjoyable…it wasn’t what I expected, but a bit better.




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