An Example of a Mother

I never have got what is so wrong about trying to be supermom, because I’ve always had my mom to look up to.

She wasn’t supermom, but she did a beautiful job of being a good mom. One thing she has always taught me is the art of simplifying. We never had a elaborately decorated house. Parties and family gatherings were usually some good food on paper plates. Birthday parties were simple or non existent. My mom didn’t work, and she really didn’t have that many hobbies she did extensively.

When I think of supermoms, I don’t think of people trying to be perfect at everything. No one can. But I do think of people like my mom who try to be good at what they are good at, and it might be elaborate birthday parties or a career, or having a bunch of children close together, but not trying to do everything. My mom was a great listener, she could recognize strengths potential and encouraged us. She didn’t miss a game or performance of mine or my siblings. She cooked and baked, and I still adore her chocolate chip cookies. And she managed to have seven children in nine years and always kept up with us all.

When we discover what we are good at and focus on on that instead of everything, that’s the key to really being a supermom. I don’t think we need to ditch the idea of perfection, even Christ commanded us to be perfect. But I don’t think he expected us to be perfectionist or to be perfect all at once. He does want us to keep trying to develop our talents and always striving to work toward being a better person.

As moms we can pick the things we want to do awesomely, and we can to do the rest simply good enough or not at all. All of us need to spend quality time with children, and keep the housework under decent control, but the rest of all the duties of a homemaker we can take our pick, and certainly pick what relaxes you and what you enjoy, not something that just fits a mold.

So I garden and raise chickens and blog a lot. I do sometimes elaborate preschool activities, and I love to go fun places with the family. I study permaculture, I like to help others with their gardens. I don’t generally do crafts or sew, my meals are simple and repetitive, and I’m not a great entrepreneur. I love homemaking and mothering, but I only love it when I’m focusing on the aspects that I like.

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