Biking in Mantua

bike ride

Right now, one of our favorite family activities is biking. It’s just easier than many other activities: the kids are taken care of with our big bike set-up. No complaining. PB is too old and big (or should be) to ride in the stroller or be carried while walking or hiking and he tends to be tired/bored/complain a lot. He likes the bike, and even decided to pedal sometimes. Joe takes the big bike, and he’s nice and strong for it. I’m a bit of a whimp, and find very slight hills tortuous.daisies

A couple weeks ago we biked around Mantua Reservoir. I’ve passed by the lake a lot when I lived in Logan, but never stopped and did anything there. It’s very quite–even on Memorial day weekend it wasn’t crowded. There are beautiful views and flowers and we found more trails to come back and explore later. It was a great bike ride, because it is almost completely flat and a great length. It took us under an hour to bike around the whole lake.


An added bonus, was I was recently learning about small dams in an online permaculture class I was taking. It was fun to look at dam after learning about them, the shape and construction of everything has an added depth. After we were done with the bike ride, the kids played on the small beach. They were having a lot of fun until…


C fell in the water. He was so sad and wet, and it signaled time to go home.


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