This is a quote from PB: “I have too much love, I need to hug you.”

We went and visited my sister for Conference weekend. PB was very excited to see his cousins. They exhausted each other with all their playing. Besides visiting, we went and played disc golf. I think disc golf is a great way to experience the landscapes of the area. Wyoming is windy and with hardly any trees and wide views. 
disc golf 

We also enjoyed a free day at the local college. Their were tons of activities. We decided to split up, and each took a kid. I got to look at animals, dig in the sand, play balls and play dough with C. I was happy we split up, it meant I could spend more time focusing on my child instead of everyone else, and I didn’t have to wait on anyone (not my strong point). 

(This picture isn’t from our visit. It’s just cute.)


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