Last week I talked about conscious. I have done many things I would rather take back. Sometimes the memory of what I did eats at me. I’ve felt dirty, unlovable, and guilty. Guilt feel horrible. But I can’t change what I’ve done, and I also can’t change my knowledge of right and wrong. I have to live with the knowledge that I am far from perfect, that I make mistakes and do things that I know harm those around me.

Even worse is addiction. Although I have not had any classical addictions, I still have my own little pet sins that I return to. Anger and distractions are horrible habits that I turn back to even when I know I shouldn’t be. Just writing about this makes me cringe. I want to change and do better, but sometimes it seems beyond me.

Luckily, I don’t have to live with the pain and guilt my mistakes. There is a path that can take me away from addictions, and can help me change over time. There is a power that enables me to do more than I can by myself. Power that can make up the difference of all my shortcoming, that can take away the sting of my guilt, that can bring me blessed forgiveness and strength.

It is through Jesus Christ and the wonderful atonement. I rejoice to live in a world where so many people know of the redeeming love of Christ. I also know that there are many that do not know that His love extends even to dark sins, that we are never beyond His healing power.

If we want to change and no longer live with guilt, there is way out. The Atonement extends to everyone.

This is a short series outlying the fundamental beliefs I have. For more see:
Truth is Absolute


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