Truth is Aboslute

We believe in absolute truth, including the existence of God and the right and wrong established by His commandments. We know that the existence of God and the existence of absolute truth are fundamental to life on this earth, whether they are believed in or not. We also know that evil exists and that some things are simply, seriously, and everlastingly wrong…

The philosophy of moral relativism, which holds that each person is free to choose for him or herself what is right and wrong, is becoming the unofficial creed for many in the United States and other Western nations.  —Dallin H. Oaks, from this talk.

Morality should not change with the times. The way I think about this, some things have always been good. Telling the truth, being kind, raising children with both a father and a mother. Just because I might think differently, doesn’t make things less wrong or right. There is an absolute truth, a defining of right and wrong that never changes.

In my life, I have tried to live to achieve absolute goodness. I’m not even close to achieving it, but I try. Can you really be too good? I never want to give up my pursuit, or even worse change my thoughts about what is right and wrong.

There have been times in my life when I wanted to give up and run away from the stupidly hard perfect life I was trying to live. I wanted to go away from what I knew was good and right, because it wasn’t exactly what I expected. I didn’t, and I am so glad. I wanted to run from my family, and that is the very thing that has brought me the most joy.

There is an absolute truth of family–and I firmly believe that every child has a right to a mother and father and a good home.

There is absolute truths of goodness, decency, truthfulness, kindness.

It doesn’t matter if I feel differently, it doesn’t change the fact that right is right and wrong is wrong.

If I am creating individuality, defining myself,  it will only work if I also hold true to the principles of goodness, truth, and right. To lack a moral compass is like lacking a compass. You don’t get anywhere. I look at many celebrities lives, even the lives of the people around me. If they pull away from right and decent behavior, they start being defined for the inappropriate behavior, instead of being defined for who they are.

This is a short series outlying the fundamental beliefs I have. For more see:


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