Vacation Across the Desert

After a year of work, my husband finally got a vacation. We took a short trip out west to visit our twin siblings. (We are both twins: my twin sister is in Nevada, Joe’s twin brother recently moved near Sacramento.) It was a short and fun vacation.

But not without mishaps. We ran out of gas 25 miles east of Wendover. It was a combined effort of stupidity. After a short, tense wait, we found a tow guy and payed $20 per gallon of gas. I was hope that would be all, but it was not to be. Our tire went flat on the way to Sacramento. Luckily it didn’t happen until after the snowstorm, and our spare made it the rest of the way. We did have to buy a new tire to replace a two week old tire. Turns out the hazard insurance was well worth it, though at the time it didn’t seem like we would be keeping the car long enough.

I’m still not done. At Denny’s, I was enjoying my meal, but the food apparently hated me and prevented me from inhaling. After a few moments, I realized that I would rather breathe normally, and Joe¬†successfully rescued me. I was fine, although a bit embarrassed.

Because sitting around talking, playing games and shooting Nerf guns gets a little old, we also went adventuring. First stop was the Discovery Museum in Reno. It was one of my favorite museums I’ve been to, there was lots to keep everyone entertained including brain puzzles that had me stumped. In Sacramento we went to the Zoo and Fairytale land, which were both fun.

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We had a great time. The warm weather in Sacramento made me realize how nice spring is. We had left our home in a snowstorm: but when we got back there was next to no snow. It feels like spring. And I realized I’m not quite ready for spring. I still want to sled and snowshoe and peruse seed catalogs.


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