A witch came to our house and left behind an icky potion filled with eyes. PB and Mr. C fiddled with the potions and managed to turn Mommy into a cat, dog, wolf, and elephant. Luckily it didn’t last.


(Credit to Fun At Home for the idea)

The next day, a vampire left behind a gross treat of bloody animals. Even C thought this was icky. (Unflavored gelatin is disgusting.)


The kids dressed up, and ate too much candy. We went to four festivals/trick or treats, and one party at friends, along with traditional trick or treating.


heroesThe kids were excited the first time they put on costumes. They wouldn’t hold still for a good picture. But then we lost the robin mask, and PB only put on his costume when he had too. And really, these are the same costumes we used last year. My kids aren’t into dressing up, which mostly means less work for me.



2 thoughts on “Halloween

    • lizdee says:

      We sorted out our candy for a preschool activity–we had the most starbust. C loved them too, and kept bringing me them. I didn’t love them because I had to open three wrappers, not one.


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