My children

excited for mac and cheese, yell and clap their hands in excitement.

wrestle, and run around the house in giggles and sometimes tears

create odd situations, like stickers on the toilet

forgive quickly and effortlessly.

help pick garden vegetables

smile and laugh at crazy dance parties.

play joyfully in the car when it breaks down

My toddler

kisses by licking my face and blowing a raspberry.

cleans up every spill he sees

repeats about any word he hears and understands: the best one was a perfectly clean, “Happy”

does somersaults off of exercise balls with mom, again and again

My preschooler

loves when he gets a simple matchbox car

performs puppet shows narrated by mom over and over again

stays up late in anticipation of his birthday

tells grandma he hates the puppets she gave her, but then plays with them anyway

got a new book he’s read before and said, “I always wanted this book!”

asks so many questions, and wants to rate everything

reads books over and over


I get bogged down with things to do, with car repairs, closing delays, with children who can be exasperating just because they are children. But life is good, and full of sweet precious moments to treasure.


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