Two Little Boys

My kids are loud. And tiring. They are so happy lately, it is hard to get them to do things like eat, put on clean clothes, use the potty, or not eat dirt. Mr. C just loves helping his mom. He helps unfold the clean laundry, empties clean dishes on the floor and snitches bread dough. He tries to pretend and do what everyone else is. He’ll demand a fork and plate just to play, while he continues to eat by handful.
big boy

PB is still into his music and cars. He’ll shut himself in his room and line up his cars in parking lots. I think both activities give his mind the down time we all need. I’m always trying to get him to do different activities. He is good enough to play along.
The play-dough pictured here was an accident. I was going to do goop, with cornstarch and water. PB put in too much water and I was out of cornstarch. So I added baking soda and flour and we ended up with a very interesting and fun sticky dough. There is room for lots of accidents when playing.

The following activity I do not recommend. Not that it wasn’t a lot of fun. It was a blast.

Vinegar kills plants. The spot where the giant volcano was is now bright yellow. I think it will recover in a few weeks.


2 thoughts on “Two Little Boys

  1. heather says:

    My MM is a little helper all the time. She’s actually getting old enough to be helpful.

    You would think a horticulture major would know that vinegar kills plants . . . I’ve actually seen that on Pinterest.


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