Rainbow Week

Here are our activities for Rain/Rainbow week. We started to do themes for our play/school and I enjoy it. I don’t think it benefits the kids that much, but it makes play more fun for Mommy. We were hoping for rain and and rainbow would have been awesome…we ended up with a bit of rain and a snowstorm. (I shared these photos before in a previous post, but decided to go back and edit.)

Paper squares. Simple and fun. confetti

We squirted an old piece of fabric with watered down paint. I think Mommy enjoyed this more than PB. It was way fun. 
art project

This was C’s first real sensory bin. I was happy to see that he didn’t try to eat all the colored rice. PB had a hard time sharing at first, but he eventually realized it was either play with C or not at all. 
PB pointed out that pouring the rice down the stacking cups sounded like rain.

PB enjoyed this simply math activity. At first I didn’t have raindrops on painter tape for all of the numbers, but I was quickly making more so PB could do the whole set 1-12.
rain cloud


We also played outside with an umbrella and hose. Later on we played umbrella tag in the rain. PB or I would have the umbrella and run away, the other person would come steal the umbrella, lots of laughing too.


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