Christmas and Big News

Our lives have been busy. They will continue to be busy for a while. But they are blessed too.

We had a busy Christmas filled with people and presents. It was the most drawn out Christmas I’ve had, starting Sunday evening and continuing until Christmas evening, three days full of present opening, visiting, and celebration. I thought it was a bit much…hard on the kids, and no quite time to sit back and think. But it was good to be with family, and the kids enjoyed themselves.



With all the snow, I love to bundle the kids up and go sledding. We have a great hilly-park that we can walk to. But I think mom and dad enjoy it more than the kids. PB is usually a little apprehensive approaching new and potentially scary activities like sledding, but I think he’ll warm up to it more as winter goes on.



The biggest news is that Joe got a job. He’ll be working in Utah in a couple of nursing homes. We will be moving there soon. I’m very excited:  it was my choice of where I wanted to live, and I think Joe will do well at the job.


This little kid will stuff his current interest in his mouth and go ahead and crawl where he needs to, thereby not leaving his interesting thing behind. 


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