When I met Joe, he knew where he was going: he was going to be a physical therapist. After we were married I worried because entrance into school was competitive. He applied to many, and didn’t get in our first choices.

But one day, while waiting to hear back from other schools, he found out about a new program down in Provo. It was a bit risky, as the school would not gain full accreditation until he graduated, and funding tuition would not be as easy. But it ended up that the school was a blessing for us. He started in May 2010.

Joe has worked hard. He maintained a part time job through half of grad school. We added another baby, and Joe was always good at putting his family first.

We have had plenty of help along the way. My grandparents stepped in and provided financing when other options weren’t working out. They took away a lot of worry from us and enabled us to have another child and I was able to stay home with my kids. We are in much better shape due to their generosity.

Part of school was moving out to Atlanta for an internship. My mom let us borrow her beloved mini van for a year to move out here. She also came and visited twice. We had visits from many wonderful family members, making the time more meaningful.

We owe a lot of people more than I think we can ever repay.

I am grateful that graduation has come. My husband found a career he can enjoy, and that will provide for our family. He has worked hard to get here. The Lord has blessed us, our families and friends have helped us. Thanks to everyone who helped us get here, especially to Joe for working so hard:


And for even more good news, Joe ended up with an award for clinical excellence, one of only four to get an award. Still no job yet, Christmas is interrupting the job search but hopefully we’ll have news soon. 


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