A Visit from the Family

These cute people came and visited.

We packed a lot into a week (at least a lot for our assortment of small children) including:

  • Ikea, a spur of the moment activity because they are re-doing the outside of the apartment and we wanted to get away from the banging. And then we ended up with free breakfast.
  • Story time at the library.
  • Several parks (including attempting to play volleyball which doesn’t work too well with kids).
  • Playing out on the deck with sensory bins and paint. (Little MM tried to eat the paint and was quickly excluded from the activity.)


  • Buying a pumpkin at a farm, complete with hay ride.
  • An indoor playground
  • Riding to the top of Stone Mountain and watching the laser show there. CD even enjoyed the fireworks after he realized the loud sounds didn’t mean much.
  • Going to the puppet museum that actually ended up scaring our kids. They did enjoy playing puppets, and PB liked the Sesame Street puppets but there was some scary stuff there too.
  • And just talking and enjoying each other.

My little tidbit of late is I say “I can’t do this” too much. They are just destructive words. I usually can just fine, and the Lord is always there helping. I should say “I am doing this, and I can continue to do this, and I can enjoy it.” I want to cultivate a more positive, grateful attitude.


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