PB turned three. Three sounds better than two to me…minus the fact that I have to start paying for him at some places. He loved his birthday, and is still creating happy birthday presents to open. We had a little birthday party in the park with friends, ate his favorite foods including tons of cupcakes and opened presents. I told him we would open presents just as soon as Dad came home. I thought that he would be taking a nap when Joe got off work at 2:00, and then we would open them that evening. He wasn’t sleeping though, so we opened presents about thirty seconds after Joe walked in the door.

I love to play with PB. He is old enough to sit and enjoy activities I think of. We played Cooties today. It took a lot of effort on my part to keep him interested and rule-abiding, but with encouragement (and a bit of rule modification) he played the game all the way through. He is usually very cheerful, except when he is tired and then he can be horrid. (He has a not desirable habit of waking up whenever he hears someone up. I’ll get up at 6:00 or earlier, and this is much too early for him.) A couple of things he needs to work on is eating a better variety of foods, and potty training.

PB favorite activity is to sit in the rocker and listen to songs. He loves listening to music. His second favorite thing to do is play cars. He is getting more creative in his play. Here are some things he did that I found cute:

  • Dumping out his boxes used to organize his toys and sorting, stacking and turning them into roads, stepping stones and hats.
  • Tackling his brother. And CD is usually okay with it. Sometimes he laughs and laughs. My greatest joy is seeing them make each other laugh.
  • Trying to erase the crayons with his chalk eraser…but also coloring a picture with deliberate marks more than scribbles
  • Gaining more independence: helping me with laundry, other chores.
  • Playing with friends.  I love that he is old enough to make friends.

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