I am enjoying the cooler weather. I forgot how wonderful it is to go outside in a jacket and not be surrounded by mosquitoes.

Last Saturday we attempted to go disc golfing. After the first hole, we were cheerfully informed the course was closed to put down milch. We were bummed at first but played at the playground and decided to go shopping for PB’s birthday. When something doesn’t work out there are often better things to discover. In the parking lot for the store was an event with crafts, firemen, police, free food, and bounce houses. I think it was a fundraiser and safety fair. It was great fun and a bit educational. I did sneak away while Joe was with PB and bought him a few presents.

My favorite thing lately is seeing the kids make each other laugh.

I want to commit to be happy more. It is a choice. I can avoid dwelling on my mistakes or problems, and simply strive to do better. My life is wondrous only as I choose to see it that way.

And conference was wonderful, wasn’t it?

You only get one picture today, but there’s some good ones of our family at the end of this post (kudos to my awesome sister-in-law).


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