Swans are Evil

While I was cooking, Peter asked for some stories. Telling stories is a great way to keep kids occupied while I’m getting something done. And there are plenty of fairy tales and old Disney movies to pull from. I taught him one that I remember my mom teaching me and now he will says, “When the log rolls over we will die, we will die.” If you’ve heard the story, you will realize why that makes me laugh.

Trying to keep everyone including myself fed is far too much work. I wish food was optional. Seriously, I’m losing too much weight because I should eat a lot and I don’t.

Curtis does not share my problem. He is a big healthy boy at 29″ and 25 lbs. He loves food, although I think the whole process is too messy right now.

It was Joe’s birthday. We blew up balloons, hung streamers, ate cupcakes, blew out candles, and opened presents. Much of it was more for Peter than for Joe. But we were all happy.

Last Saturday we went disc golfing. It was a new place and not only did we disc golf, we saw a dog show, equestrian, and played at a cool park. A nice day, a little bit warm but the rain stayed away until we went home.

A couple of days ago we went to a park with water fowl. Peter was attacked by swans.

No harm done, luckily, but here is your warning. Stay away. These guys are mean.


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