Camping and to the Beach

Last weekend we went camping. I had planned the trip for a while and waited for a rain free weekend. It rains too much out here…but we were lucky and had wonderful weather. In the two nights in the tent: everyone slept the night. Camped at Skidaway island, visited Savannah, swam at Tybee Island.  I have now swam in the Atlantic ocean, walked the cobblestone in Savannah, and camped under oaks covered in Spanish moss. I felt threatened on an early morning stroll by the growling of a suspected raccoon. I learned that now matter how much bug spray and sunscreen you think you’ve applied, it is probably not enough. I learned that crying abates in the car if I ignore it after all I can do. I learned the Monday after is too full of laundry and tired people to be any fun.

Sand, mosquitoes, sunburn, and occasional frustration were all a small price to pay for the beautiful time we had. Here’s some pictures to prove it. But only some:  I forgot to take pictures because I was enjoying myself.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here…but Curtis can sit up now. He’s still pretty tipsy and needs supervision, but can play sitting and not lying down or in the too small bumbo. 


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