Cuddles and Ditching Clocks

Here’s my advice for the day. If you have a baby, ditch the clock. It’s easy to get distracted by how many hours, or lack of hours of sleep I’m getting. Or how long it’s been since baby Curtis nursed, or if he’s nursing long enough, etc. (He’s an incredibly efficient eater for how young he is.) But clocks and babies really don’t mix.

I am doing so wonderfully. I certainly don’t feel like I had a baby two weeks ago. I feel like I should be sleeping more–but in actuality I’m fine with the sleep I’m getting. I’m not nearly as tired as when I was pregnant. I went to take a nap today, and really couldn’t fall asleep. I’m still a little bleary from getting up at night, but not actually tired.

Peter’s been alright with everything–he skipped or shortened his nap for a while, but today he’s actually slept. He does usually like his baby brother, except I’m no longer available to meet his requests all the time. (It’s a good thing that he’s learning to wait a little more and do a bit more for himself.)

I’m very bad at taking things easy…the weather’s perfect right now too. We’ve gone to the park and library, but have spent a lot more time at home. It’s been fun to cuddle a lot.

My sister-in law took some of the pictures with my commandeered camera.  Looking at them, it’s amazing how fast babies change. Already he’s a bit bigger, much more stretchy, and more awake when he’s awake.


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