2011 in Review

We started this year in Springville which we enjoyed. In the summer, we moved in with Liz’s grandparents in Pleasant Grove. As a family, we were able to hike 100 miles, camped at Zion’s, and took a trip to visit Joe’s brother in California. We are expecting another boy in March. Right after Christmas, we are moving to Atlanta for a year, where Joe will finish up his last year of school.

Joe–Joe worked hard in his second year of physical therapy school. He worked the first half of the year at Vivant, and later quit to make more time for school and family. In the fall, he worked an eight week clinical at Aspen Ridge Rehabilitation Center that he enjoyed.

Liz–Liz spent most of he time running after a growing toddler. At the beginning of the year, she took an online irrigation design class. She also progressed on her gardening buisness, doing mainly design and consulting but also installing several landscapes, and did maintenance for the condo HOA where we lived in Springville. Liz also ran he first ever 5K, but then pregnancy progressed and she gave up running.

Peter–Peter turned two. He is growing, running, and talking tons. His favortie things this year included playing outside, toddler gym at the local rec center, storytime, and learning to navigate on the computer.

Merry Christmas!


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